Hello and Welcome!

REJUVENATE was established in 2006 and has been dedicated and devoted to servicing communities within Greater Kalamazoo, as well as surrounding areas in Massage Therapy, Personal Training and Holistic Health Care. Our general mission is to positively develop, listen and understand the needs of individuals and our community as a whole.  Through our involvement within the community we have concluded that the main focus is to provide the community with nurture, love and respect.

REJUVENATE Wellness evolved from REJUVENATE in 2009 with a focus in Holistic Wellness Recreation and Enrichment in stress management through relaxing activities and group sessions. Holistic activities include but not limited to relaxation in: art, movement, massage, meditation, mindfulness, journaling, music and so much more. Our passion is in providing corporate, schools, youth agencies, athletics, senior communities, as well as newly weds, mothers/fathers to be and community as a whole, ways to reduce and manage stress.

We are looking forward to providing services to help bring balance and harmony into your life, as well as help you find a peace of mind. We want to welcome you to REJUVENATE! Thank you for your time.






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